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ANN instant tea manufacturer-Haining Jiheng Health Food Co., Ltd was founded in 1984. With determination to work, pursuit of health and awareness of constant innovation, Haining Jiheng has developed the well-known brand, ANN, after 30 years.

Ann is a classic brand that represents the style and product quality of Chinese instant tea, yet is full of creativity for taste and health at the same time. The process of manufacturing follows two principles: for one, understanding the development theory that embodies health and current trend; for two, continuously improving the product’s natural properties and manufacturing techniques.


Haining Jiheng Health Food Co., Ltd. focuses on the development of instant drinks that provide healthy energy to human. Meanwhile, it also promotes the development of instant drinks of natural flowers, fruits and tea, and improves human’s taste and enjoyment of living. With a well-developed sales networking, ANN has been promoted all around the world.

After decades of development, ANN has become a mature brand for instant tea in both the domestic and the international market. It is the symbol of healthy tea and instant drinks.


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