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New journey, new transcendence -- 2021 annual summary and commendation conference of Haining Jiheng Health Food Co., Ltd

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On the morning of February 5, 2021, the drizzle was hazy. The annual summary and commendation conference of Haining Jiheng Health Food Co., Ltd. was held in the company restaurant. The leaders of the company also paid great attention to the annual award meeting, the chairman Mr. Xu jiheng, the general manager Mr. Xu xueqiang, the vice president of production Mr. Zhu bingjiang, the executive vice president Ms. Gao zhongli, the production manager Mr. Pan yongdong, and the special guest Mr. Xiao gang all attended the meeting.


Around the theme "new journey, new transcendence", the commendation meeting in the general manager's speech opened the curtain. Mr. Xu reviewed the total production volume, sales volume and capacity loss in 2020, and also celebrated the orderly construction of the brand and the opening of the new plant. In his speech, Mr. Xu affirmed that "the achievements of the company are all due to the joint efforts of all of us." At the same time, we also call on everyone, 2021 is a New Year, we will make persistent efforts to achieve more achievements.

With the awarding music playing, the leader finished his speech and the most exciting awarding ceremony began. Is issued by the first prize of excellent employees, their selfless dedication, silent and cultivated, dare to innovation, serious is their working attitude, soft touch is their consistent style of work, they brought the passion to work, in addition to pay or pay, they use JiHeng as a second home, they are our good staff: Pan Siqin, grobbee DE, li-hua, Deng Kun, guo-ping xu, Wang Ruixian, robin, Zhu Xiaqun, Pan Juanying, xiao, Zhang Xiaofeng. Among them, Zhang Xiaofeng as an excellent employee representative made a speech.

The candy shop won this year's Kieheng Advanced Team Award. They beat sugar together, box, I have each other, I have you, they support and learn from each other all the way, understand each other, grow up together. As the person in charge, Director Wu has won unanimous recognition from the whole company for his rigorous work style, serious work attitude and innovative management style, and was awarded the honorary title of outstanding management cadre.


At the commendation meeting, Mr. Pan yongdong and Mr. Zhu bingjiang, the production managers who have been devoting themselves to the production management and construction of jiheng, both won the "special contribution person award" of the company, thanking them for their hard work for so many years and training many production and management talents for the company.

Finally, the outstanding instructor award was awarded. The instructor, Mr. Xiao Gang, went deep into the frontline of Ji Heng, sorted out the standard operating procedures, sorted out the production management standards, optimized the performance management system, and improved the production efficiency. He made outstanding contributions to the development of Ji Heng.

The ceremony ended with a group photo. At the beginning of 2021, affected by the epidemic, the company canceled the original dinner party, but the company still kept you in mind and prepared red envelopes and rich gifts for everyone, hoping that everyone would have a happy New Year.