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The Ji Heng family gathered together to celebrate the first quarter of the birthday

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For everyone, birthday has a special meaning, no matter how old age, personality, the heart is hoping that someone will send a blessing message, or say happy birthday on the same day. Fully aware of the importance of this emotion and the importance of every Ji Heng partner, the company organized Ji Heng's birthday party for the first quarter on March 29, 2021, inviting partners from January to March to participate.






In order to make the birthday party unforgettable, the students from the administration department started to plan, make plans, purchase materials, write greeting cards and so on at the beginning of the year. At 17:00 on March 29th, we finally welcomed all the students. We prepared a birthday hat for each birthday star. As soon as we sat down, we were excited to get up. Under the leadership of the rhythm of the host, President Xu Jiheng made a speech and announced the official start of the birthday party. After a while, the familiar music started and everyone followed the rhythm and sang a happy birthday song together. When the song came to the end, everyone closed their eyes and made a wish in their heart. They blew out the candles together and cut the cake together, sweet and sweet.


Eat the cake, the second start, the staff took out a meaty plant for everybody, everybody every bowl, dig a hole dug a pit, filling of the filling, in the laughter, the POTS lovely much meat in the hands of you was born, in the first quarter of friends were born in the spring, thus to fleshy, with JiHeng company good wishes, hope you like this meaty plant, thrive, the sunshine every day, good life.

We use the most sincere action to thank you for your efforts, because of you, Jiheng food can be better and better! Best wishes again.